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Twilight of the Gods as the name suggests is about the decline of European culture. Posts will be varied, looking at history from a European perspective, critiquing established narratives and reexamining key events that have shaped the modern world. We will be examining also, key writers and academics who play an important role in challenging paradigms both real and false.

In 2017, the world stands on the brink of total collapse. How it plays out remains to be seen but the future does not look good. The greatest threat to Europe and its people in the post-modern world is Islam and the mass migration of people from under developed nations. The mantra of multiculturalism and diversity are terms at odds with each other. True diversity exists only when nations and cultures are independent of one another, a reflection of indigenous peoples. Multiculturalism is an anathema to diversity, a vast melting pot of people, with differing cultural identities and ideologies which only leads to chaos, mistrust and civil unrest. One need only look at how different cultural groups self segregate in our cities to see that race is not a social construct at all, as we are led to believe, but a natural instinct. People will always gravitate towards those who share common cultural values. Humans have always been tribal, the natural laws of survival prevail as territoriality, a quest for resources. As part of the natural world, we are no different from any other animal in this regard. Different cultures have developed as a consequence of unique parameters defined by where peoples have settled geographically.

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Europe has a unique culture, just as others do across the world, yet only Europe is forced to acquiesce to the globalist agenda of uncontrolled mass immigration from the basket cases of the world. It is madness to assume that people will come to our shores from failed nation states and assimilate with our culture. They instead bring their problems with them. We neither help ourselves nor indeed them in the long run. If they fail to make a success of their own societies, then we should reasonably ask why we should assume they will be any different here in the First World. Billions in foreign aid over decades has filed to yield positive results in the Third World. Why? Is it perhaps because they have become dependent upon our egalitarianism? As long as there is dependence, then they are never going to take the necessary steps towards self determination. If we are honest therefore, are we really helping them?

The plain truth is that we are storing up problems by opening the gates of Europe, indeed by 2050, according to projected census figures, native Europeans will be minorities in their own homelands. The question of course is whether or not the whole house of cards will collapse first. The massive influx of people who for the most part have no skills, are a continuous drain on resources and infrastructure. Organised gangs from Libya and Sudan, radical Islamists from the middle east and Africa are pushing native Europeans to breaking point, will it end in civil war? Will Europe descend into total chaos? It seems likely. The current wave of migrants are predominantly freeloaders who hate our culture and wish to impose their way of life on us. They take and don’t give back. When our people become the minority, can we expect the same egalitarianism that we have bestowed? Unlikely. What we are witnessing is nothing less than a clash of civilisations.